Ian Somerhalder - Bloodynightcon Europe in Brussels (May 2014)

Nina Dobrev at Big Shot Show in Beijing (July 05)

Damon Salvatore in every episode: 2x21 - The sun also rises
“You’re going to put some faith in some act of God mumbo jumbo?”

I don’t abandon the people that I care about.”

I won’t let go, forever is n o t enough.

delena rewatch meme2/2 dances 

"When I lived in New York, when I was a model and I was very young, my mom kept money on the refrigerator… because it was New York. We didn’t have any money, we had no money, but she kept it on the refrigerator and she called it the "cold cash". And every week I would go and I would take a $100 bill out of it. And take it. And I would go buy italian ices on the street, and they were $1 in New York City. It’s still the same. And on 28th, 27th and 29th on Lexington Avenue, what I didn’t know was that on the 90s, particularly on the early 90s, it was where all the prostitutes were."
                                                            — Ian Somerhalder for Glamour Magazine

Love and Hate….Such a fine line.

we break the rules
and listen to our own s k i n